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Limescale Protection for Commercial Applications

The C Range is designed for limescale protection for heating, ventilation and plumbing services in offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings.

These types of building can suffer from the effects of hard limescale build up on their boilers and on their heating and cooling equipment. This build up can not only reduce their overall efficiency, but can lead to expensive and time consuming maintenance or indeed to premature equipment failure.

The applied signal can travel throughout the system including the cold services as well as the hot services, meaning that other equipment is similarly protected and deposits on sinks, taps etc. are easier to clean. The C Range is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation on commercial boilers, heat exchangers and cooling systems. Standard units are available up to 200mm in diameter.

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Improved Water Quality for Commercial Applications

The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to improve water quality in both commercial swimming pools and cooling towers.

Swimming pools can suffer from high levels of chloramines and chlorine smell. Backwashing the filters means money is spent on sewage and water charges as well as on additional water heating. Flocculating material improves filtration and reduces backwashing, leading to lower energy usage, water and effluent charges, and also reduces chloramine levels and the associated smell.

In cooling towers, flocculating material similarly reduces the amount of make-up water required and improves water quality. Preventing and removing limescale on heat exchangers and the tower itself reduces maintenance costs and improves their overall efficiency. The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash and are suitable for commercial pools and cooling towers. Standard P RANGE units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

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Limescale Protection for Industrial Steam Boilers

The S RANGE is designed specifically to deal with limescale in high pressure steam boilers.

The S RANGE enables the use of untreated water for the steam boiler – straight from the mains or the bore hole.

Preventing hard scaling on boiler tubes and gradually clearing up existing scale can lead to huge savings due to reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency. The S RANGE is designed to address the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation and is suitable for high pressure steam boilers. Standard units are available up to 120mm in diameter.

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Limescale Protection and improved Water Quality for Industrial Environments

The i Range is designed for more challenging applications in industrial environments, which may suffer from a range of water treatment issues, and require limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control.

The Industrial Range is more powerful than the standard commercial unit. It features an integrated power supply, is fully waterproofed, and is designed for ease of connection to mains power and building management systems. The i Range is designed to improve water quality and to prevent and remove hard limescale. Standard i Range units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

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