Algae Torch

Chlorophyll and Cyanobacteria Measurement

The quick-and-easy portable measuring instrument. Switch on, dip in, read off!

The bbe AlgaeTorch is a handy instrument for the measurement of microalgae and cyanobacteria in all types of water. The AlgaeTorch mweasures chlorophyll-a of intact cells without sample preparation. A complete measurement needs less than 20 seconds. No sampling or preparation is necessary.

Advantages of algae determination

  • prompt chlorophyll analysis
  • hazardous blue-green algae detection
  • real-time measurement with automatic turbidity correction
  • GPS coordinates
  • simple operation with cable-free measurement
  • calibrated with living algal cultures

Applications - Water Quality Monitoring

  • water quality measurement in lakes, rivers and streams
  • detection of algal blooms and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)
  • management of reservoirs and dams
  • environmental monitoring
  • research and education
  • analysis due to EU Water Frame Directive and Bathing Water Directive

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