Hand-Held PH Measuring Unit HND-R

Measuring range
pH: 0.00 ... 14.00
Redox: -1999 mV ... +2000 mV
Temperature: -100.0 ... +250.0°C
±0.01 pH, ±0.1 % of full scale (mV), ±0.2 (0.4)°C.
Supply: 9 V battery
hold function, Min./Max.-memory


The KOBOLD hand-held pH, Redox and temperature measuring units of the HND-R106 model are compact and universally applicable measuring units for electrodes with BNC plug connection. An extensive selection of electrodes makes it possible to use the HND-R106 in almost all application areas.
The KOBOLD HND-R106 measuring unit offers functions like minimum/maximum value memory, hold function, auto off function and automatic temperature compensation. In addition to pH, Redox and temperature measurement, the device can display the relative humidity value. This is calculated from the measured Redox-value and the previously measured or manually entered pH-value.

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