PH-combined Electrode APS-Z


Measuring range: pH 0 ... 12 / pH 0 ... 14
Connection: Pg 13.5
Temperature range: -5°C ... +80°C (135°C)
pmax: up to 10 bar
Salt: KCl gel filling
Diaphragm: ceramic or PTFE-ring
Temperature sensor: Pt 100 possible


The standard combined electrode for general pH measurements is filled with KCl gel (0% silver ions) and contains a salt distillate, which ensures longer stability times. The discharge system Ag/AgCl has been designed as a cartridge.
The combined electrode version with PTFE ring diaphragm is especially suitable for tough service conditions, for example, service in clarification plants or in oily and very soiled media.
A temperature sensor Pt-100 can be integrated VP (Vario Pin) Pg 13.5 screw cap). The electrode can resist pressure up to 10 bar. Its dimensions are 120 x 12 mm (DIN 19 263).

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