SMS/GPRS/e-mail module for remote monitoring, alarm and control applications.

Telemetry module MT-020, thanks to its very attractive cost to feature ratio, is well suited for use in small sites remote monitoring systems. It allows monitoring, diagnosis and control of remote devices via text messages (SMS and e-mail), CLIP calls and using data packet transmission of GPRS network. Configurable text messages with a fixed or variable content (e.g. containing current measurement value) are convenient way to provide information to the monitoring center or directly to the defined staff phone numbers. Alarm messages can be generated on binary inputs and binary outputs state change, when measured analog values crosses alarm threshold, by timer and counter flags.

Communication via GPRS enables secure and reliable communication with higher-order applications (SCADA, database) allowing to expand the capabilities of the monitoring system using remote communication with difficult to access or distant sites.

Industrial design, practical I/O resources and easy-touse software tools as well as the possibility of remote management of module via SMS commands or GPRS are the biggest advantages of MT-020. Direct connection of temperature sensors lowers the cost of building system. 1-Wire inputs can be used for reading typical Dallas pellets for the purpose of identification and authentication. The module can work with humidity sensors, water level sensors, pressure transducers, flow sensors, smoke, gas, motion, shock and noise detectors, etc.


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