Variable Area Switches-Plastic KSM

For liquids and gases

Measuring / switching range:

15 - 150 ... 8000 - 60 000 l/h water
0.8 - 5 ... 300 - 2500 m³/h air (0 bar rel, 20°C)
Connection: ½" ... 3½"
Material: trogamide-T, polysulfone
pmax: 16 bar
tmax: 60°C (trogamide), 100°C (polysulfone)
Accuracy: Cl. 4 according to VDI
Option: reed contact


The KOBOLD plastic flow meters of model KSM are based on the float principle with the float moving freely without friction in the measuring tube. From nominal size DN 65 the devices are provided with a guide rod to stabilize the floats. The indication point is at the greatest diameter of the float.
The standard flow meters are supplied with a scale for water (+20 °C), a percentage scale, O-rings, two setpoint indicators and a guide rail for accessories. The measuring tube is available in polysulfone (KSM-2...) for less aggressive media or in Trogamide (model KSM-1...) for simple water or air applications.
The materials are resistant to impact, bending and compressive stresses. Optional threaded fittings can be fitted on the external threads integrally extruded at the ends. The floats are supplied with integrated magnets for operation with a bistable reed contact.

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