Magnetic Inductive EPS

An electrically conductive medium flowing through an orientated magnetic field in accordance to Faraday's law of induction will induce a voltage proportional to the mean flow velocity rate and hence the volumetric flow. A magnetic inductive flowmeter consist of an isolated lined tube, through which a conductive liquid flows, a magnetic field coil and two electrodes. The electrode voltage is detected by a transmitter and converted into standardised electrical signal such as 4-20 mA or pulses. The sensor EPS can be used in combination with the Heinrichs Messtechnik UMF2 transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted compact or separately to the sensor.
The magnetic-inductive flow sensor EPS is used to measure the volume flow of liquids, slurries, pastes and other electrically conductive media without any pressure drop. Pressure, temperature, density and viscosity do not affect the volume measurements. Solid particles and small gas bubbles should be avoided.

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