JUMO TAROS S47 P (New Product) 

The pressure transmitter is used to measure relative and absolute pressures in liquid and gaseous media. It offers high process reliability through maximum accuracy as well as over a wide temperature range. The measuring ranges are between 0.1 and 100 bar rel. or 0.6 and 40 bar abs. The precision transmitter is used, among other things, in mechanical and plant engineering.

Measuring range :  0.1 to 100 bar rel; 0.6 to 40 bar abs
Medium temperature :  -25 to +125 °C (maximum 140 °C for 1h/day)
Accuracy :  Up to 0.25 % of the measuring span at 20 °C
Linearity :  0,1 %
Long-term  stability :  0,1 %


Features :

• High degree of accuracy

• A large selection of process connections and electrical connections

• Zero point adjustment using a magnet

• Active temperature compensation

• Compact dimensions

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