Algae Lab Analyses

Quick Analysis in the Laboratory

Determination of chlorophyll concentration, algae classes and photosynthesis activity for scientific and routine analysis

The bbe AlgaeLabAnalyser offers the simultaneous determination of chlorophyll concentrations, transmission, and - as an option - the photosynthetic activity of microalgae in a 25 ml glass cuvette. The chlorophyll content is excited by coloured LEDs and allocated to the different algal classes.
The AlgaeLabAnalyser enables direct measurement without sample preparation by filtration or solvent. The fluorescence signals f0, f, fm are used to calculate the photosynthetic activity using the Genty parameter method. A yellow substances (CDOM) correction is also used to correctly calculate the total chlorophyll content.

Features & Informations

Advantages of the AlgaeLabAnalyser

  • quick, simple chlorophyll determination using algal class analysis
  • maintenance-free
  • simple operation
  • direct measurement without sample preparation via filtration, dilution
  • integrated stirrer
  • PC operation using bbe++ software
  • uncomplicated data export
  • optional hard case for mobile deployment
  • optional external battery


  • waterway analysis and assessment
  • general environmental assessment
  • intake monitoring
  • chemical analysis
  • toxicity testing
  • waste detection
  • dam monitoring
  • limnological work
  • research and education

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