KATflow 150

The KATflow 150 is the premier product for flexibility and performance, providing the user with a comprehensive specification and a list of configuration options. The practical modular design and the wide variety of different transducer types available ensure this instrument is suitable for everything from simple water flow measurements to energy flow monitoring and automated process control.

Pipe Diameter 10 – 6,500 mmFixed Installation

Heat Quantity MeasurementMains Operated

Internal Data Logger

The KATflow 150 is an advanced ultrasonic flowmeter for permanent installation. The dual-channel design allows the user to either save cost and time by performing two independent measurements simultaneously or to install two pairs of transducers on a single pipe for locations where there are non-ideal flow conditions. Where this is used the sumdifferenceaverage and maximumcalculations are available in order to provide further processing of the data.

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